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Guidelines to Partnering Right

  1. No Self-Referrals: Please refrain from signing up to EasyBotFlow using your own affiliate link.
  2. Maintain Integrity: Any attempts at misleading tactics, abuse, or sharing false discounts on coupon platforms will lead to a permanent ban.
  3. No Ad Confusion: Avoid creating search engine ads, especially on branded terms, domain names, or Meta ads that could confuse our customers or compete with our marketing.
  4. Authentic Representation: Do not misrepresent by acting or implying that you're an official representative or employee of EasyBotFlow.
  5. Steer Clear of Competing Ads: Meta ads linking to our site or anything that increases our marketing costs or causes potential customer confusion are strictly off-limits.
  6. Terms Flexibility: We hold the right to make changes to our affiliate program's Terms of Service at any given time.